E6 Sixth Element

Luggage is a part and parcel of our life whenever we are on the move. Globalization has resulted in transit of ideas and man force from one city to another for work. Without even realizing, the luggage becomes our closest companion on the journey! Besides carrying our belongings they are symbol of our choice, style and also status at times.

Looking at the present work culture, top bracket officials of any company shuttle between cities for at least 3-4 days in a week. Travelling by flights one needs a very light weight, spacious and a smart luggage. Many a times we see such officials getting overhauled at the airports the moment their luggage exceeds the given weight limit which results in waste of valuable money and time.

As a smart solution to the mentioned problem, I designed the next gen revolutionary luggage by using Carbon Fiber as the main material. The product was launched by VIP exclusively in ‘cabin luggage’ and ‘laptop carry case’ category in combination with a soft fabric.