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‘Desigent’ is a combination of two important words ‘Emergent’ and ‘Design’- which means the Dawn of Design.

We live in a time which is pretty much used to following a herd mentality; there is no originality or creativity left. This is why Desigent is out to establish an all new era based on these two impressions as core values.

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What we do

Right from personalized consultation to quality execution, we work as per your individual requirement. Even when it comes to finding the perfect combination of tailor-made furniture that fits your space; we design and execute bespoke furniture that is as per your taste and space. We put together technically sound, completely coordinated, and well-thought of designs to achieve excellence while execution

Built Environment

Good buildings have the ability to inspire society and enable interaction between community and nature..

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Elements of Harmony, texture, light and colors when interwoven can create a space that stimulates..

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Bespoke Furniture

It defines personal style while serving functional requirement. It truly is an expression..

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Product Design

A good product design is where the elements are removed to reveal an idea and only necessary..

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Our design adds value faster than it adds cost.


Desigent Design Studio is an innovative and customer oriented interior design firm in Delhi, whose expertise lies in honoring the style and functional needs of its customers by providing them guidance through the process with our creative and professional expertise.

From concept to completion, we bring all parts of the design together as a whole.

We understand the value of establishing lasting relationships, which is why customer service and satisfaction are the cornerstone of our company. After all, it’s not always about designing outstanding spaces;it is also about delivering outstanding experiences along with it.

Interiors Design

We are architects, planners & designers out to change
the world.